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58019 Porto S. Stefano (GR)
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Ultramarina is a cooperative society operating in Monte Argentario since 1997, which attends to the ships’ maintenance and repairs by professional skilfulness of various craftsmen from this area, who have incorporated to offer a more efficient service to their customers.
After the shy starting attempt with the use of modern plastic materials, particularly with polypropylene and polyethylene, Ultramarina since 2000 has decided to invest machineries and technology in nautical field, and particularly in the construction of tanks made to measure for ships: the HT-TANKS.
Ultramarina produced more than 800 tanks and it is now able to offer to the customers a set-up product and able to guarantee many years of service without problems, on condition that the installation will be correctly executed. Besides the HT-TANKS tanks, Ultramarina can offer a service of total advice about the design of plants and their realization on board, or about complete estimates also to furnish accessories, pumps, pipes and what more needed to their accomplishment.
The new plastic materials’ use is not limited to the production of HT-TANKS tanks, but also for cases for batteries, saddles for boats, steering-console, coatings for cold store, outdoor furniture and so on.
Lately Ultramarina has placed the normal activity in nautical field side by side to a new activity in fishing field, for the requirements related to the new sanitary and civil regulations, by the realization of big tanks as water reservoir, coating for rooms according to hygienic laws, containers unalterable with time for various use, and so on.
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